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Match Factory Studios is Gloucester's best space for bands of all sizes to come and rehearse. Here is a short list of what we provide:


 - 3 different well-sized rooms, each with 2 guitar cabs, bass cabs, drum shell/stands and a PA system with 2 mics per room.


 - 3 storage cupboards, each big enough to fit a whole band set-up in at just £20 per month (subject to availability)!!!


 - a well-stocked vending machine to keep your thirst and hunger at bay


 - clean running water


 - male and female toilets


 - free parking


 - plenty of spare leads and plugs just in case you forget to bring some




 - each room is priced at £25 for 2 hours and £5 for every hour after*


 - if you want hire the building for a day to record without the interference of other bands that will be £100**




* 2 hours minimum practice

** please see the recording page 

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